Aaron Hadlow


5x Kiteboarding World Champion

A family holiday to Cabarete in the summer of 2000 is where it all started for me, my dad was fully converted from windsurfing by this point and as soon as the first inflatable kite was on the market, deemed a very safe option at the time, he allowed me to give it a go.

My career has been heavily result driven, I fast tracked my way through the BKSA (the British tour) and soon found myself battling with the worlds best, by the last event of the season in 2003 I was on the podium on my debut season.

The years to come would define my status in kiteboarding for years to come, 5 consecutive world titles. At the time my life was only contests, 2nd place was never good enough, between events I would practice for the next one and as soon as the season was over it was time to prepare for the coming season.

With some rule changes and few events my following year on tour was not the same, I wasn’t happy with its direction and I decided to take a break, for the next two years I would work on some video projects and product development creating a line of kites and boards.

Being so competitive there was an element in my life missing, the contest scene and format had improved so at the start of 2012 I started to get ready for the year to come. I guess there are moments you look back on that are defining, that February I tore my ACL and was out of action for a year.

The thought of a come back to competition kept me motivated, I made the podium in my first event back in 2013, it was an amazing moment after the hard and emotional times, but it also left me thinking what could have been.

The following year was full of change, after a lifetime at my sponsor Flexifoil certain circumstance led me to join North Kiteboarding, the market leader. During the month of the announcement I also got to stand back on the top step for the first time in Germany, their home event.

I went on to win the event in back to back years as well as back to back King of the Air titles, the sports biggest and most extreme event.

Over the last few years the tour has deteriorated so events have been few and far between, It looks positive and I can only hope the new tour will grow into something special for the new generation.

Moving forward there is plenty more to achieve, motivated to push myself as much as ever I hope to carry on my success for many years to come.


4 de octubre de 1988